Keynote Speakers

Timothy A. Gonsalves
Timothy A. Gonsalves
IIT Mandi, India

Abstract: FarmerZone: Distributed Machine Intelligence for Indian Farmers

Short-Bio: B.Tech. (Electronics) IIT-Madras; M.S. (Electrical Engg) Rice University, Houston; Ph.D.(Electrical Engg) Stanford University, California. Joined the Department of Computer Science & Engg, I.I.T., Madras as an Assistant Professor in 1989, rose to Professor and Head of the Department. Cofounder of the TeNeT Group of IIT-Madras, founding Director of NMSWorks Software Ltd, n-Logue Communications Ltd, Nilgiri Networks Ltd and the IIT-Madras Rural Technology Business Incubator (IITM RTBI). Since January 2010, the first full-time Director of the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi (Himachal Pradesh), also Professor in its School of Computing & Electrical Engineering.
Interests: design and performance of computer and telecom networks. With emphasis on innovative and low-cost product and technology development for Indian and international industry. Fostering software development in small towns and rural areas. Education for engineers of the future.
Led or advised the software systemInterests: design for product/technology development in telecom area.Commercially-successful products include Nova thin-clients, Grammateller Rural Automatic Teller Machine, corDECT Broadband Wireless Local Loop System, CygNet Network Management System for telecom, BlueBill telecom billing software and the LAN-T trainer kit for colleges. Sold in India and several foreign countries.

Prof. Roch H. Glitho
Roch H. Glitho
Concordia University

Abstract: Clouds Augmented with Fogs and NFV for Internet of Things Applications and Services Provisioning

Short-Bio: Prof. Roch H. Glitho holds a Ph.D. in tele-informatics (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden), and M.Sc. degrees in business economics (University of Grenoble, France), pure mathematics (University Geneva, Switzerland), and computer science (University of Geneva). He is an associate professor of networking and telecommunications at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada where he holds a Canada Research Chair in End-User Service Engineering for Communication Networks. In the past he has worked in industry for almost a quarter of a century and has held several senior technical positions at LM Ericsson in Sweden and Canada (e.g. expert, principal engineer, senior specialist). In the past, he has served as IEEE Communications Society distinguished lecturer, Editor-In-Chief of IEEE Communications Magazine and Editor-In-Chief of IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials.

Prof.Selwyn Piramuthu
Selwyn Piramuthu
University of Florida

Abstract: IoT and Machine Learning - Synergies and Challenges

Short-Bio: Prof. Selwyn Piramuthu is Professor of Information Systems at the University of Florida, where he has taught since Fall 1991. He has held visiting appointments at a few other research institutes and universities since then. His research interests include IoT and machine learning, among others. He received his B.Tech., M.S., and Ph.D., respectively from IIT-Madras, University of Arizona, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Dr.Balachandar Santhanam
Balachandar Santhanam
IoT Group, Intel

Abstract: IoT in Farming: Agriculture 3.0

Short-Bio: Dr. Balachandar Santhanam is a Principal Engineer with Internet of Things Group, Intel. Bala is with Intel India since 2010. At Intel, he is responsible for driving system/software architecture for our IoT products and solutions addressing many verticals (like Smart Home, Smart Energy, health care, automotive telematics) with specific focus on Smart Homes and Buildings. Prior to joining Intel, Bala has more than 14 years of experience in data networking and embedded software in cellular wireless domain. Bala was a Principal Engineer at Infineon Technologies (now Intel Mobile Communications) where he was one of the Senior Architects of mobile phone platforms division. Prior to this he spent 6 years in San Francisco Bay Area, working for couple of telecom and IP telephony startup companies. Bala Santhanam has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Bharathiyar University.

Dr.Prateek Jain
Prateek Jain
Microsoft Research

Abstract: Resource-efficient ML in 2 KB RAM for the Internet of Things

Short-Bio: Dr. Prateek Jain is a researcher at Microsoft Research, India. He received his PhD in Coputer Science from University of Texas at Austin and his B.Tech. in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur. He is interested in high-dimensional statistics/optimization, non-convex optimization, and numerical linear algebra. He has served on several senior program committees for top ML conferences and also won ICML-2007, CVPR-2008 best student paper awards.