ICIIT 2018

December 11 - 14, 2018
College of Engineering Guindy (CEG)
Anna University, Chennai, INDIA

ICIIT 2018 : Industry Keynotes

Dr. Lipika Dey

Lipika Dey

Tata Consultancy Services, India

Designing Automated Decision Making Systems – today, tomorrow and the day after

Friday December 14, 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM  |   Ada Lovelace Auditorium, IST Dept.

Recent advances in AI technologies backed by the success of Siri, Facebook, Google and Alexa have raised the expectations of Enterprises to automate several routine tasks that involved dealing with unstructured information from Video, Speech and Text data and heretofore were exclusively dealt with by human agents. While there is indeed enough scope to employ AI technologies in conjunction with Data Analytics, designing such systems need to address many more issues other than the accuracies and performances of the underlying analytics algorithms. Other than addressing increasing concerns about privacy and security for such systems, ensuring learnability, trustability and explainability are some of the crucial questions that are increasingly coming up. This talk will discuss about these concerns and some attempts that are being taken to ensure order the madness.

Dr. Lipika Dey is a Principal Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services, India. She leads the research initiatives for Analytics and Insight Business unit. Her research interests are in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Text and Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Semantic Search. Lipika did her Integrated M.Sc. in Mathematics, M.Tech in Computer Science and Data Processing and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering - all from IIT Kharagpur, India. Prior to joining TCS in 2007, she was a faculty at the Department of Mathematics at IIT Delhi, India from 1995 to 2007. She was conferred the Distinguished Scientist award in TCS in the year 2010. She has several publications and patents to her name.

Mr. Srinath Jangam

Srinath Jangam

L & T Construction, Inc., India

Adoption of Analytics in Engineering

Friday December 14, 02:45 PM – 03:45 PM  |   Ada Lovelace Auditorium, IST Dept.

Artificial intelligence is poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption, and companies should prepare for it now. There are real-life benefits for a few early adopting firms, making it more Important than ever all sectors to accelerate and adoption to their digital/IOT transformations. Five AI technology systems to focous is on robotics and autonomous vehicles, computer vision, language, virtual agents, and machine learning, which includes deep learning and underpins many recent advances in the other AI technologies.
Early evidence suggests that AI can deliver real value to serious adopters and can be a powerful force for disruption. Early AI adopters that combine strong digital/IOT capability with proactive strategies have higher profit margins and expect the performance gap with other firms to widen in the future.
AI promises benefits, but also poses urgent challenges that cut across firms, developers, government, and workers. The workforce needs to be reskilled to exploit AI rather than compete with it."

A IIM L Alumini, a Rocket Science Engineer with 20 yrs of experience in leading businesses of top technology companies like, L&T, IBM, Genpact & Indian Air Force. I have been successful in building their Analytics and Quality businesses grounds up and converting them to a profit centres. Under my leadership have been able to build technical leaders with a Global reach and build AI solutions in the new and dynamic environment and getting away from the traditional Analytics Service Models.
Key Areas in my portfolio, covering Analytics for major sectors in Fintech, Retail, Telecom, n and in the Engineering Sector Analytics for Power Transmission and Distribution, Heavy Construction, Water treatment Plant and Smart City Surveillance. Beyond analytics include - Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Operations, Process Excellence and Technology Management.
In my recent past, I have been working in Analytics at L&T. I Strongly Believe in an uncertain world, one factor sets successful enterprises apart is 'Innovation & Intelligence'. And AI is critical and will be the driving factor to Bridge this Gap

Dr.Amruta Joshi

Amruta Joshi

Google, India

Data Sciences in the Cloud

Friday December 14, 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM  |   Ada Lovelace Auditorium, IST Dept.

With growing awareness of the importance of Data Sciences, the field is getting more and more sophisticated. We now regularly process larger amounts of data and use more complex algorithms. This new landscape comes with its own set of challenges: it requires large-scale infrastructure, robust multi-level security, and more sophisticated multi-feature algorithms to process the data. Cloud provides powerful tools to tackle all of these challenges. In this talk we will see how Data Science and Cloud work together with each other to help you manage your big data and convert it into meaningful insights at large scale.

Amruta Joshi heads Google's Strategic Cloud Engineering efforts for Japan, Asia, and Pacific regions. Her team is responsible for architecting, developing, and deploying Google’s Cloud products for most strategic clients in the region. Amruta has a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University and a PhD from UCLA. She serves as a program committee member and reviewer at top tier international computer science conferences including ACM VLDB, ACM WWW, IEEE ICDE, and ACM SIGKDD. Earlier in her career, Amruta has worked in various leadership roles in product management, partnerships, research, and software development.

Dr. Hari Vasudev

Hari Vasudev

WalmartLabs, India

Using Big Data to Change the Way the World Shops

Friday December 14, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM  |   Ada Lovelace Auditorium, IST Dept.

With the growing convergence of Big Data, ML, AI and Cloud, there is a huge transformation underway in Retail today that is impacting Customers, Merchants, global Supply Chains and Employees. Walmart’s vision for Big Data is to deliver data-driven experiences that help customers save money (and time) so they can live better. In this talk, we’ll explore how Big Data algorithms and sciences is being used at the world’s largest retailer to fundamentally change the way the world shops and deliver unmatched omni-channel shopping experiences.

Hari Vasudev is Country Head & Vice President Technology for Walmart Labs. His team is responsible for innovating to deliver a simple and seamless experience for Walmart customers. The focus is on solving the biggest and most complex business challenges and on developing solutions that integrate the digital and physical shopping experiences. This enables customers to get the products they want, when they want it and where they want – for pickup in stores or delivery to their homes. Hari has a Masters in Computer Science from Iowa State University and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Ravi Vijayaraghavan

Ravi Vijayaraghavan

Flipkart, India

Analytics and Decision Sciences for Ecommerce - An overview and use cases on pricing and selection

Friday December 14, 01:30 PM – 02:30 PM  |   Ada Lovelace Auditorium, IST Dept.

The Analytics and Decision Sciences organisation at Flipkart has the charter of leveraging science to enable robust data-driven decision-making. Key focus areas of this organisation are business growth and continuously improving customer experience. My talk will present the overall landscape of the Analytics organisation and the areas we cover.
Two key expectations of any consumer from an ecommerce platform are –

  1. The availability of a really wide assortment/selection of products and
  2. A price that is true value for money

Following the overview, I will present use cases related to applications of statistics, machine learning and optimisation in addressing these two expectations of our consumers.

Dr. Ravi Vijayaraghavan is a Vice President at Flipkart where he leads the Analytics and Decision Sciences organization. This team is responsible for leveraging data, analytics and science to drive decision-making and business impact across all areas of Flipkart.
Prior to joining Flipkart, Ravi was the Chief Data Scientist and Global Head of the Analytics and Data Sciences Organization at [24]7.ai – a silicon-valley based company that builds machine learning and artificial intelligence driven software products for customer service. At [24]7.ai, Ravi and his team were responsible for invention, development, implementation, and optimization of all analytics and machine learning driven solutions that form the core of [24]7's product offerings. These products and solutions leverage machine learning to enable a more intuitive customer care experience for consumers through online and offline channels.
Before joining [24]7, Ravi held a variety of leadership roles at Ford Motor Company. His contributions were in the applications of computing and analytics to the design and optimization of business and engineering systems. He was the recipient of a Henry Ford Technology Award – the highest technical recognition at Ford. Ravi was also a vice president and part of the executive leadership team of Mu Sigma Inc., a Chicago/Bangalore based pure-play analytical services company.
Ravi has 25+ patent filings, many refereed publications and has presented as invited/ keynote speaker at several international conferences. Ravi holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology - Madras, a PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an MBA from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.


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